Eli and I were having lunch and decided to look at the Halloween store next to the restaurant.

We FOUND a bunch of “racist product” stickers and also FOUND that these stickers were put on some of the racist costumes in the store.

How strange to FIND such a thing! A+ anti-racism work!

It’s almost as if the store clerks who are going to get in trouble for this and are going to have to peel it all off and answer to questions from confused costumers while they are confused as well are the ones feeling the backlash from this.

Not even the companies that make the costumes or the people that order or wear them. But innocent employees. Funny how that works.

Think before you act, seriously. You could’ve at least asked for a conversation with the manager about the costumes instead of just sticking powerwords on there hoping that that’ll magically solve the issue by itself without any added explanation.

But I have a feeling that this is more about giving yourself a pat on the back than it is about actually helping or educating people in the first place. Because this isn’t helping anyone.

People do shit like this in the bookstore where I work all the time — we had people rip pages out of Obama’s autobiography, move Bibles into the fiction section (I bet people think they’re being super clever when they do this! GUESS WHAT I’VE ONLY SEEN IT APPROXIMATELY A MILLION TIMES), and hide Ann Coulter books in cabinets.

I once had someone turn all the Twilight books around so that their spines were facing inward, and then come back and do it again THREE TIMES after I fixed it.

Even if you work retail at the nicest place in the universe where you would never be yelled at or fired for failing to catch someone who is messing with your product, vandalizing products means that they often become marked unsellable, which cuts into the store’s bottom line which usually means cut hours for the workers there. Note that the people who actually make the merchandising decisions — hell, even the managers at the store who make payroll decisions — will probably see nothing more than a slight inconvenience.

So basically don’t do this, it’s not going to make people less likely to buy or sell the product, it’s mostly going to make life hard for a bunch of people who probably don’t like the Ann Coulter books or racist costumes any more than you do.

Seriously, congrats on spending your day making retail workers’ already tedious and aggravating jobs that much harder, not to mention people in HALLOWEEN stores. Like they don’t have to deal with a billion screaming children and people doing every underhanded thing to steal the expensive costumes that they’ll get blamed for losing. This is like going up to an employee and saying things are too expensive for all they can do about it. You might as well be whistling Dixie at them. Congrats you’re a dick. Not a racist dick, but a dick nonetheless.

^this. all this. Good job on fucking up some random shop clerk’s day. I’m sure this made an impact on society at large and was ignored and/or misconstrued by absolutely nobody.